We see the power of fragrance and design in their ability to enhance daily life. Plain and simple we love things that smell good, and seeing just how much fragrance can light up a face makes us want to share that feeling with the world.




01. Fragrance

A Universal Experience 

The use of fragrance to heal, savor, relax, and (of course) attract has been around longer than we know. In the form of essential oil infused objects, scent has the power to transform our physical and mental environments. We share this mantra with others by searching for both the highest quality, and most intriguing fragrances out there.




02. Design

Dynamic Discovery 

While yes, we are opening with a candle, we are working on innovative ways to interact and experience the therapeutic benefits of aromas in everyday life. Our work in human behavioral design is pushing us to design products that encourage new immersive interactions with scent.





03. Wellness

Balanced Modern Living 

Our experience is that there is no single trick to living a satisfying, happy life. Finding elements that work for you is the key to finding that equilibrium. Integrating aromas into rituals or moments throughout the day have proven to improve mood, and create a sense of continuity with the other things you do to stay stoked everyday.