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Home No.002 is located in the heart of LA's Downtown Arts District. A vibrant creative epicenter, the neighborhood is a constant evolution with its unique collection of restaurants, cafes and shops always serving up the brilliant and unexpected. After hours, the area is alive with bars, restaurants and a rotation of underground parties that shut down only when the sun comes up. With it’s central location, all the callings of Southern California are also at your whim. A cornerstone of the OURS mission is to always craft spaces that not only inspire as a design destination, but also encourage you to explore the neighborhood and all greater Los Angeles has to offer.

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Elevated Atmosphere

Home No.002 welcomes you with an open layout loft with flourishing natural light and greenery. Bespoke furniture and vintage objects combine for a minimal yet comforting vibe. 

Design For Living

We always work with artisans and brands that share our love of adventure and design. During your stay, you'll have the chance to discover new products to enjoy for free. Explore the experience here.

Style & Service

We have a passion for both local and global artisans, so we partnered with acclaimed design studios including Michael Felix and Piaule, to craft a home with a signature all of it’s own. In addition to the space itself, we are always available to answer any questions you have and provide recommendations.