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Home No.001 is located within the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. A vibrant creative epicenter, the neighborhood is in constant evolution with it’s unique repertoire of restaurants, cafes and shops always serving up the brilliant and unexpected. After hours, the area is alight with bars, restaurants and a rotation of under the radar parties that shut down only when the sun comes up. With it’s central location, all the callings of Southern California are also at your whim. A cornerstone of the OURS mission is to always craft spaces that not only inspire as a design destination, but also encourage you to explore the neighborhood and all that greater Los Angeles has to offer.

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Elevated Atmosphere

OURS 001 combines natural materials, warm minimalism, and an abundance of green that results in a destination striking in both its modern aesthetic and comfortable feel.

Design For Living

We work with a number of design focused brands to foster an environment of discovery, where new products are complementary to enjoy throughout your stay. Explore the experience here.

Style & Service

We have a passion for both local and global artisans, so we partnered with acclaimed design studios including Stephen Kenn and Menu, to craft a home with a signature all on it’s own.

Home No.001

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