Goals & Philosophy

Team Vision

OURS is creating a series of design focused, short term travel destinations, with the goal of becoming a trusted name that’s synonymous with memorable experiences and effortless style. These Home destinations are more than a place to crash for the night, each should set out to expand what it can really mean to come home, wherever that may be. The team envisions a world where people from different walks of life have the ability to move freely and travel in a more seamless manner, where OURS acts as the common ingredient that holds their trips and adventures together.

In addition to creating the destinations themselves, OURS also is working to curate a new kind of interaction with wonderfully designed products and services. Stepping away from online hype driven consumerism that’s so present today, the team is taking a people first perspective to how we find and enjoy what we buy. Partnering with design focused creators and brands, OURS curates each space with a selection of products for guests to try for free during their stay. The view is pretty simple really, if someone tries something and they love it, we should make it easy for them to buy it. If they just want to kick back and enjoy their stay, then just as good, as long as they have a great time and have the chance to connect with something new.


While we are constantly looking to expand our views and goals, there are 4 pillars that help guide the team in everything we do:


Constantly pursuing ways to create a sense of purpose and joy for our guests. The goal is mobilization, delivering guides and recommendations that encourage guests to engage with the world around them.


Elevated construction of what it means to live fully, emphasizing human interaction and experience. Crafting sustainable spaces through the lens of ‘design for living’ that fulfills foundational social and creative needs.


We believe that it’s important to be there for our guests, and do everything we can to ensure they have a great stay. Whether it’s as simple as shaking hands, or hitting up our buddies to get a restaurant reservation, it’s that human connection that matters most.


Changes happen both incrementally and in bursts. OURS looks to create positive experiences that help our guests both enjoy their moments and heighten their awareness. Our goal is to inspire creative action through design focused storytelling, where guests leave with a new spark to go out and do something good in their world.


For founders Brendon Garner and Ricky Chan, the development of OURS has been a natural evolution built off their experience in the arts, technology, architecture and fashion industries. The two friends share an intense curiosity of what the world has to offer, and have developed a passion for the concept of creating destinations that combine high design with warmth, connection to the natural world, and the surrounding community.

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