What's Cooking My Friend

Home No.002 | Sneaking Into The Kitchen

With it's warm atmosphere and inviting essence, we had a hunch from the moment we saw the space that this would be a place of culinary (mis)adventures and gourmet delights. We've set up the space to not only give you room to cook up whatever you crave, but also share with you some of our favorite pieces to help you put it all together!




Piaule  |   Handmade Tableware

Meticulously crafted here in the States, Piaule creates beautiful objects one by one to appreciate every day. Each piece is unique and comes with it's own character that evolves over time. 

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Piaule  |   Handmade Cups

Familiar forms have been subtly altered to improve sensitivity and usability. Glazed interiors and matte exteriors are durable and pleasing to the eye. Safe for the dishwasher and microwave. 

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Menu  |   Forest Bottle Grinder

A familiar face with a new twist, these forest bottle grinders add a lil fun twist to the already flavorful task of adding some spice to your feast. 

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GoodHood  |   Favorites

Featured items from one of our favorite shops, GoodHood London. The playful  'ghosts' from Studio Arhoj, Cabin Porn by Steven Lekhart, and signature sticker bring it all together.




Kinto  |   Pour Over Coffee

As anyone that's stayed in Home No.001 will share, there's nothing better than the clever pour over with built in filter, now with the stainless coffee pot to match.

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J. Johnston  |   Brass Vase

This rare brass sculpture, hand signed by the artist, evokes a sense of vitality and energy with it's wide open mouth and shining brass silhouette.




Puebco  |   Canvas Planter

In it's simplicity and raw state, these completely standard yet undeniably compelling planters from Japanese label Puebco have a cult following, of which we're definitely a member!




Little Tokyo  |   Cooking Pot

Perfect for any cuisine,  this piece was a local pick up at one of our favorite neighborhood shops just down the street in Little Tokyo. 




OURS  |   Palo Santo

Immediately evoking the stoke of an outdoor fire and a sense of the sublime, these simple pieces of the wild South American tree will sooth any ego after a burned roast ;)