Come IN BED Babe


It's no secret that OURS loves IN BED. When we invited our first guests into Home No.001, the kind letters we received after their visits all had one thing in common: the need to find out the secrets behind our cozy sheets. To help share the love, we are now offering the full line of IN BED linens to help anyone bring a bit of OURS home.



IN BED | Duvet Cover

Linen is a dream to sleep in year round, especially the duvet, which is light in the summer and  cozy throughout the winter.



IN BED Flat Sheet Dove Grey

IN BED | Flat Sheet 

With every nights sleep, linen sheets become softer and more beautiful, giving you the perfect excuse to hit that snooze button and roll around a little longer.



 IN BED | Cashmere Throw

Insanely soft and incredibly toasty, this cashmere throw is the most comfortable blanket you'll ever get your paws on. We reckon once you try it  at Home No.002 there's a good chance you'll want take it everywhere you go.