OURS | 17 Resolutions for '17

Wake up n soak in that fresh New Year smell my friends. While it might currently have a certain essence of flat champagne and 4am delivery, trust we're here to help get it real rosy real quick.

This is your introduction to 17 For '17, a month long celebration of the good vibes in life. We'll be sharing inspiration and suggestions that we hope will ignite your own imagination, and maybe even help you create your own (real) resolutions this year. Since once can only lead by example, we kick off w 3 resolutions from the team to help you enjoy everything OURS has up it's sleeve the newly minted 2017.



1% for The Planet

Proud to break in that new number ‘17  w the first of many projects we’ve got planned to help this world we love. Starting today we’re giving back 1% For The Planet for each piece we sell!



OURS  |   Home No.002 Coming Soon

We’ve been teasin Home No.002 pics for weeks, reckon it’s time we share it with all of you!! Be on the look for an exclusive giveaway and the official launch later this month 😏



Good Living w/o Mad Shipping

Free Shipping on Everything. We buy online just like you and know how frustrating it is when that deal you're getting tanks once you calculate shipping. Simply, we just want to pass along Free Shipping right to you!